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"ONE THING"... reflections on Winter 2015

At the conclusion of Winter 2015, the team got together over dinner and reflected on all we learned, witnessed, and held in our hearts that weekend. The conversation was loud and lively and filled with the richness of a time spent reflecting on peace and all it means. Here is a glimpse into some of our conversation. Have a "One Thing" of your own from Winter 2015?

Nicole Johnson

"The Trinity is in a relationship that I am invited into. A trio of God that ensures “company” even when I’m alone."

Jay & Katherine Wolf

"I think the most striking takeaway for us, for obvious reasons, was the fact that our wars are really birth pangs, peace is going to come, but the process to get there may be a war that Jesus leads us to and through. Never thought of war and peace in those terms and will never forget it either!"

Terry Glaspey

"Each time I come away from Seasons feeling inspired, renewed, and spiritually recalibrated. Each and every one of you contributes to that through your words, your music, your kindness, your depth, and your hugs. Thank you. The best part of the experience for me was being with all of you...but the moments where people shared what the weekend meant to them were unforgettable and amazing."

Noah Needleman

"I learned that when you cultivate your gratitude, luxury starts to feel like providence. "

Amy Cella

"My favorite moment was hearing Nicole Carter tell the story and sing 'Enough Is Enough'. Besides the amazing lyrics and Nicole’s incredible voice , I love the journey of the song. It reflects community to me, being that Melissa and her message are the inspiration for the song, and that it related to Nicole so much she wrote a song and made it her own."

Pepper Sweeney

"When Curt said "Not all conflicts are yours to resolve." This was a great reminder for me to trust God in the conflict."

Curt Thompson

"Lots of great moments--but one that will stay with me for a while was our being together painting. Lots of reasons for this. But that was one for my scrapbook."

Shanelle Doughlin

"Attention. Memory. Action."

Melissa Maimone

"Singing 'Glory in the Highest' at the conclusion of the weekend--all of us, the team and participants in one voice; the 'Thankful Poor', just like the beautiful painting Terry showed us. What a beautiful way to conclude such a beautiful weekend."

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