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From the Heart of Nicole Johnson

Dear Friends of Seasons,


Because of your vision and generosity, we have been able to provide scholarships to select individuals and couples who could not afford to attend our weekend of contemplation, music, scripture, and spiritual renewal. The impact has been evident in the letters we’ve received from our participants:


“Although I've walked with Jesus most of my life, I encountered His presence and character during the retreat in a way that introduced me to a peace I've never known.”


“This is the most important weekend I’ve had in years.”


“Everything from the incredible worship, Nicole’s powerful dramatic pieces,

Dr. Curt Thompson’s insight and compassion, and the beautiful surroundings, helped usher us into the Lord’s presence and bring a refreshing rain to our

dry souls.”


I continue to be astounded by the number of requests we receive and by the depth of the needs of those longing to attend.  We review our requests as a team and pray for wisdom as we carefully select the candidates. My desire is to extend an invitation to those individuals we believe need it most. The reality is we are unable to do this and it breaks my heart each weekend we must turn someone down.  I have excerpted from a just a few of the letters we’ve received requesting scholarships and I believe you will be as moved as I was to read their stories.


Will you consider giving a donation to Seasons Weekend? With your tax-deductible gift, we can continue to bring replenishment to all thirsty souls and not just those with the means to pay their own way. Additionally, I invite you to reserve your place at a future Seasons Weekend where you can experience firsthand the deep impact of this remarkable experience.


Thank you for considering this request. I am personally so grateful for people like you who understand the importance of an experience like this for those who need it most.


With gratitude,








Nicole Johnson

Creator of Seasons Weekend

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