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Those We Serve


SEASONS exists to facilitate personal, transformative experiences with God in the context of community.


Those we serve:

• Anyone who needs to be renewed—emotionally, physically, and spiritually

• Ministers, pastors, and missionaries experiencing a spiritually dry season or burn out

• Overextended men & women who pour out to others—in leadership, parenting, and

• Care-givers for the elderly and those with special needs

• Creatives such as worship leaders and artists who need inspiration

• Counselors such as spiritual directors and therapists

• Those experiencing loss or grief


We hear from dozens of men and women each month from all over the United States in need of a Seasons Weekend.  They are mothers, fathers, ministers, long time Christians and new believers who may have different circumstances--but all are so spiritually dry that they have limited options to renew their hope. We have a scholarship program and nomination program for those who desire a Seasons Weekend, yet may not be able to afford one. 


Here are just a few excerpts from the stories we hear...


“I just quit my staff position at my church because I need a sabbatical - I know I am not done serving the Lord as a minister. I just need time to rest and hear Him regarding what is next.”


“I’m a parent of a daughter who is in the army and is homosexual. I am feeling overwhelmed by the need to fix everything. I would love a time away to breathe in some time with God and to let him direct me during this season of my life.”


“I am a pastor and also live with and care for my elderly parents. This weekend sounds like want I need as I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually drained. Any amount of scholarship would make it possible to attend.”


“This is my second bout with breast cancer. I had it 10 years ago. After 6 chemos and 7 surgeries, one a mastectomy and another reconstruction I thought that nightmare was over. March 5 I was diagnosed again. Stage 4 Metastatic Brest cancer. I've had 8 chemos and 14 radiation's for cancer in my skull hip neck chest and intestines. I turn 57 on Dec 14. This would be a Happy Birthday Gift to ME! I trust in His unfailing Love.”


“My sister is an amazing woman but has been through the fire with her marriage and life over the past 4 years. She has hung in there and trusted God but she also works so hard to hold her family all together. She longs for nearness to God, but feels so distant. I long for her to receive refreshment for her soul. I would love to pay for her flight but cannot afford both flight and weekend price.”


In 2014, John & Jamie inquired about receiving a scholarship. Their story broke our hearts, and through the generosity of Seasons Weekend donors, they were able to attend a Seasons Weekend. To read John & Jamie's story, click HERE


Please consider donating to Seasons. All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.  

EIN # 46-1394769


Connect with Seasons Weekend by Nicole Johnson
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