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Advent 2015

The Temecula Creek Inn, Temecula, CA


Advent...that time of waiting, hoping, expectation and longing. But waiting in life can be extraordinarily difficult too. At Advent 2015, we explored the purpose of waiting and God's intention and care for us when we feel we might not be able to hold on a minute longer. The crisp air and beautiful surroundings at the Temecula Inn reminded us that even nature waits at times; for warmth, for cool, for Winter and Spring. (Summer and Autumn too!)

Winter 2015

The Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, CO


Winter was the perfect time for quiet and stillness. While a blanket of cold covered the ground and the earth drew from deep within to sustain life underneath the frozen surface, such our journey was as well. We enjoyed the warmth of a long weekend getaway that gave us insights on facing cold winds and dark nights with peace.  Here are just a few glimpses of our weekend together.

Seasons Weekend with Nicole Johnson
Seasons Weekend with Nicole Johnson

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