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"Seasons Weekend has the promise of something special.  

Nicole Johnson is a name we can trust.  

This retreat is the break we all need.  Check it out!"


-Max Lucado, pastor & best-selling author

Max Lucado, author

"I've been fortunate enough to attend many retreats where men and women who share my faith have gathered together, but nothing has come close to the soul-stirring gift of Seasons Weekend.  I am still processing the experience, and floating on a cloud of peace, joy, and a heart-deep knowledge of God's love that I've never known before.  I can't say enough about this, and I encourage everyone to attend a future event!"

Connect with Seasons Weekend by Nicole Johnson

"The event was beyond wonderful.  If I had to sum up what it did for me, I'd choose the word 'Shift' --a shift within me on many levels, with many layers." 

"I am still on a high from my first Seasons Weekend!  Having the opportunity to be in an intimate setting with incredible presenters and musicians was exactly what I needed to be able to open my heart and let the Lord teach me.  I went by myself and left feeling like I had a new family of friends.  It was a life-changing weekend." 

"Before Seasons I was not breathing.  Obviously I was, but I wasn't paying attention to it.  Seasons has allowed me to breathe again!  I have a refreshed perspective on life and God has been placed back into the center of it.  I thank you so much for allowing me to be part of such a special time. "

"In this season [of my life], I have many distractions threatening to steal my peace and trust and replace it with fear and doubt. Thanks for designing the Seasons Weekend to facilitate a multidimensional experience of a God— memory that is changing my anticipation of the future."


"This is the most important weekend I've had in years."

"Everything from the incredible worship, Niocole's powerful dramatic pieces, Dr. Curt Thompson's insight and compassion, and the beautiful surroundings helped usher us into the Lord's presence and bring a refreshing rain to our dry souls."

"On a personal note, being a full time Pastor at church of over 2000 people takes its toll not only on myself, but on my family too.  I wasn’t completely sure of what I was going to get or take away from this weekend.  But as I’ve experienced many times over, if you create the space to reconnect with God…He will show up a hundred times over and surprise you in the most remarkable ways!  And that was nothing short of what happened for both my wife and me  Everything from the incredible worship, Nicole’s powerful dramatic pieces, Dr. Curt Thompson’s insight and compassion, and the beautiful surroundings helped usher us into the Lord’s presence once again and bring a refreshing rain to our dry souls. I hope I’m not being too dramatic, but I want you to know just how powerful of a weekend this was for us."

"Although I've walked with Jesus most of my life, I encountered His presence and character during the retreat in a way that introduced me to a peace I've never known."

"I’'ve attended my fair share of nice spiritual retreats. However, none compare to the Seasons Weekend. Many thoughtful details— from beautiful background images to thick-papered journals—facilitated a rich, holistic experience of the worship, presentations, and let’s-drop-the-facades small group discussions. And it thoroughly engaged the often-neglected and -undervalued right brain. Music. Storytelling. Visual arts. Drama. Meditation. Creative activity. The Spirit was at work in it all, inviting us to bring our whole selves to meet and dwell with God. To know Him and be known by Him.

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