Waiting is never easy. Rarely would we choose to wait in a long line, or for a service to be performed, even for a child to be born—if we didn’t have to. We generally don’t like people who make us wait, or things that “just take too long.” We live in a high speed, fast-food, instant “everything” society. While immediacy brings some great conveniences that I enjoy, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the season of advent for its unique quality of making us wait. Maybe I’ve been thinking on this more this year because of the children. Experiencing Advent through the eager eyes and hearts of two little ones has been insightful. None of the other holidays have this kind of “build-up” i

Braced for Beauty (A Meditation)

How much of your glory do I miss each day? If you told me, I‘m afraid it would be too much to bear. Some days you are so convincing and visceral, when it seems creation worships in unison or when strained relationships are mended. Some days you’re obvious to me in fresh peaches and constellations and strangers’ faces. But there are other days. Days when my spiritual amnesia blocks blessing, when I don’t look for your fingerprints, and my attention returns to self, like a reflex. I’m beginning to realize that seeing your hand in this small life of mine has very little to do with my vision and everything to do with my imagination – a learned certainty of what is unseen. Maybe closing my eye

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