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A Letter From A Seasons Weekend Participant

Dear Nicole & the Seasons Team,

Once again I'm left scratching my head in wonder. How do these weekends continue to outshine the previous one? Gobs of prayer, hard work and a great big God! That's how!

I'm someone who gets nervous when speaking in front of large groups so when we were asked at the end of the weekend to tell one of our 'take aways', I so desperately wanted to, but lacked the courage to say this...

I find it no small coincidence that Dr Curt has directed us to focus on our breathing, our breath really, as we seek stillness and make ourselves present before God (something he did in the fall and winter Seasons as well incidently) and the fact we learned from Jason Gray about the spoken name of God - YHWH. Jason referenced the Hebrew spelling and pronounciation of what we call "Yahweh" - spoken as a whisper. That our very breath speaks God's name...even from that first breath at birth.

This has since brought new meaning and depth to my prayer life. In those hard, sometimes awkward moments when I'm feeling things so deeply that words just don't come, I take comfort knowing that in the stretch of silence while searching for the words to say, my actual breath declares "YHWH"!

Gosh...such a powerful weekend! Thank you - all of you-- for pouring so much of your hearts into these weekends. Thank you for your transparency and vulnerablilty. My heart is so encouraged and delighted seeing - in living color - the realness of your lives. It blesses me greatly. Much love to you!!

-Christy Lynn

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