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Seasons Weekend is an intimate 3-day spiritual retreat for women and men who yearn for personal transformation, spiritual depth, artistic inspiration and a community of believers hungry for a deeper way to live. Our desire is to offer thirsty souls a place to drink deeply from the well of God's grace and beauty in order to live, think, & connect in a richer, transformational way.

Connect with Seasons Weekend by Nicole Johnson

"I've attended my fair share of nice spiritual retreats. However, none compare to the Seasons Weekend. Many thoughtful details-from beautiful background images to thick-papered journals-facilitated a rich, holistic experience of the worship, presentations, and let's-drop-the-facades small group discussions. And it thoroughly engaged the often neglected and undervalued right brain. Music. Storytelling. Visual arts. Drama. Meditation. Creative activity. The Spirit was at work in it all, inviting us to bring our whole selves to meet and dwell with God. To know Him and be known by Him. Although I've walked with Jesus most of my life, I encountered His presence and character during the retreat in a way that introduced me to a peace I've never known."  -A Seasons Weekend Participant

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