Waiting is never easy.  Rarely would we choose to wait in a long line, or for a service to be performed, even for a child to be born—if we didn’t have to.  We generally don’t like people who make us wait, or things that “just take too long.”  We live in a high speed, fast-food, instant “everything” society.  Whi...

The season of Christmas is one in which we emphasize how God comes to us. Immanuel. God with us. Or perhaps, as we tend to think of it, God with us, rather than we with God. And so God comes to us, embodied in Jesus.


But it seems the minute Jesus gets here, he starts turning ta...

Deprivation. The very sound of the syllables conveys the emptiness contained within them. As we


say in the business, all babies come into the world looking for someone looking for them. But not every child—nor certainly every part of us, especially those slivers that feel uncertain, broken, ashamed—is found by t...

Dear Nicole & the Seasons Team,


Once again I'm left scratching my head in wonder. How do these weekends continue to outshine the previous one? Gobs of prayer, hard work and a great big God! That's how!

I'm someone who gets nervous when speaking in front of large groups so when we were asked at the end of the wee...

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December 5, 2017

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