Through the years, I’ve become an expert at feeling bad. And New Year's Day puts my expert skills into overdrive. I assess my plans & goals over the past year and review the things I've accomplished and the things I didn’t. I feel great about my successes. The things I’ve failed at, forgotten, or left unfinished...

Most of the time, my hope is in Jesus. Other times? The ones I hate to admit, yet still occur? I hope for Jesus.


Which means that most of the time I believe He is right with me—by my side—His Holy Spirit filling me. And then there are those “3:00-In-The-Morning-And-I’m-Going-To-Die” moments. (Ok, hours)


The hour...


Terry Glaspey is our resident chaperone into the world of the arts at Seasons. With his typical winsome humor, insightful contemplations, and educated eye, Terry introduces us to great works of art throughout the weekend. Terry is the author of numerous books that range from topics like C.S. Lewis and the Bible...

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December 5, 2017

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