The New Year is a few hours away. My mind races at the thought of all the new things that will come my way this year.  


What will I learn?  

How will I grow and mature and change?  

What can I let go of?  

What can I invite in?


I love all the potential a New Year holds. Like the calendar...

It's fall and nature is slowly changing her clothes again.  

She is becoming autumn and adorning herself with red, orange, brown, yellow, gold and a thousand complex variations in between. Her hues are layered and veined, making it impossible to describe all the colors you see.


While she doesn't possess the numbe...

Deprivation. The very sound of the syllables conveys the emptiness contained within them. As we


say in the business, all babies come into the world looking for someone looking for them. But not every child—nor certainly every part of us, especially those slivers that feel uncertain, broken, ashamed—is found by t...



I’ve just spent the last four days in Colorado Springs with the Seasons Weekend team.  We offer spiritual retreats twice a year in California and Colorado.  The weekend is filled with the exploration of spiritual disciples, contemplation, beautiful music, art, story, and Scripture.  It is artistic and deep....

The muscle gave way. Like so much damp tissue paper rending in response to an overzealous lunge for a loose ball on the court. This, the destiny of someone at the end of his fifth decade playing basketball. Surgical repair is not the usual remedy for a torn gastrocnemius, commonly known as the calf muscle. Only...

“The heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing.” -Blaise Pascal


Where do we look to make sense of our lives? Our crazy, mysterious, puzzling, miraculous lives?


I was recently talking with a friend who suggested that if we could all just be more rational and logical and scientific, that our world would be...


Why ponder a fruit arrangement unless we’re stuck in a waiting room? The term Still Life, a flat-out oxymoron, conjures images of cut flowers, picked fruit and … you’re already bored. What if we found a deeper meaning while contemplating a genre that seems trivial? If God is in everything, where is He in a pain...

Dear Nicole & the Seasons Team,


Once again I'm left scratching my head in wonder. How do these weekends continue to outshine the previous one? Gobs of prayer, hard work and a great big God! That's how!

I'm someone who gets nervous when speaking in front of large groups so when we were asked at the end of the wee...

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December 5, 2017

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