Football season is underway.  This time of year, the National Football League offers us astounding athletic skill sets put to the test week after week. This is no joke. These guys are strong, fast, and capable of delivering and withstanding physical trauma the likes of which we don’t see in many other sports. W...

The season of Christmas is one in which we emphasize how God comes to us. Immanuel. God with us. Or perhaps, as we tend to think of it, God with us, rather than we with God. And so God comes to us, embodied in Jesus.


But it seems the minute Jesus gets here, he starts turning ta...

Deprivation. The very sound of the syllables conveys the emptiness contained within them. As we


say in the business, all babies come into the world looking for someone looking for them. But not every child—nor certainly every part of us, especially those slivers that feel uncertain, broken, ashamed—is found by t...

The muscle gave way. Like so much damp tissue paper rending in response to an overzealous lunge for a loose ball on the court. This, the destiny of someone at the end of his fifth decade playing basketball. Surgical repair is not the usual remedy for a torn gastrocnemius, commonly known as the calf muscle. Only...

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December 5, 2017

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